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Amazing franchise opportunities now available

We are pleased to announce that due to our strong established relationships with universities and other educational institutions here in the UK, we are now able to branch out and offer exciting franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Join us to open up a new study centre in your country or any region or any state of a country you are and become an accredited branch of M – GIBES, College of Business and Management!

MGCBM is an international business school providing students from around the world access to a range of outstanding Business and Management faculties within Europe and the UK. We work with a number of renowned universities to offer undergraduate and master’s degrees through unique distance learning methods and intensive courses. This allows students from all over world to gain a UK degree qualification that is widely acknowledged and respected by thousands of employers and other educational institutions worldwide.

Why go through the hassle of reinventing the wheel when you can take advantage of our tried and tested model to establish a thriving business school in your locality? It’s relatively easy and straight forward – and the rewards could be immense.

☻ International affiliations with other MGCBM branches all over the world.
☻ Reputable, accredited partners in the UK.
☻ Ready-made accredited courses that you can start marketing right away.
☻ Executive education course certificates issued by MGCBM UK.
☻ Degree programme certificates issued by MGCBM UK partner universities.
☻ Comprehensive training on how to deliver all MGCBM programmes.
☻ Accredited British degree courses in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.
☻ Over 50 online executive education short courses.
☻ Quality control with accrediting bodies.

☻ Training on delivering courses
☻ Promotional materials such as flyers and brochure templates
☻ International support system
☻ Technical support
☻ Central administration

☻ A physical office facility to welcome potential students
☻ Access to teaching facilities such as lecture rooms or conference rooms
☻ A reputation as an established business or managerial work experience for at least 2 years
☻ Access to qualified, experienced lecturers to deliver our courses
☻ Initial application fee which will later be deducted from the accreditation fee
☻ Financial stability to pay the set up and accreditation fee and a reasonable marketing budget.

☻ Government issued ID, CV and 2 passport photos for all branch staff members
☻ Photographs of office facilities
☻ Business plan
☻ Proof of sources of funding for the initial start up costs

☻ Complete MGCBM Branch application form.
☻ Pay application fee.
☻ Provide required documentation.
☻ Inspection of facility by MGCBM officials.
☻ Approval decision.
☻ Pay set up and accreditation Fee.
☻ Sign contract.

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