At M – GIBES, College of Business and Management (MGCBM), we understand that student life can sometimes be a stressful and perplexing experience; especially when you are studying online, working with complex online tools, working through demanding syllabuses, meeting new people and much more besides. To address these issues and provide students with the support they need, the MGCBM Student Counselling Service (SCS) is dedicated to helping students who may be experiencing personal, technical or emotional problems.

We believe that a successful and motivated student, with a good support system, is a happy student. Our Student Counselling Service (SCS) offers a range of services to ensure each student gets the support they need. Our service is targeted to help students with concerns that are affecting their academic performance or overall lifestyle, and is available free of charge to all students, whether they are full-time, part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate.

How can SCS help you?

SCS offers each student an opportunity to discuss their personal or emotional issues and to mobilise their support network in order to receive the support they need.

Our counsellors are dedicated professionals, who focus on the student and are committed to improving student wellbeing and making sure that students receive the support they need. We provide counselling assistance for a wide range of issues in a comfortable, calm and confidential environment where students can explore and better understand the concerns that are troubling them.

The Student Counselling Service is also well connected with service providers within the community. Whatever the challenge that you are facing, a counsellor will work with you to identify your needs and, when necessary, will be able to refer you to suitable resources and professionals.

In addition to counselling appointments, SCS also offers plenty of self-help resources and information about common problems experienced by students.

For more information about SCS, please contact us at:

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